Here you will find an overview of all our exhibitions, old and new.

Lunchroom exhibition 'Zuiver Schoonheid' by Nanna Lea Abigaël de Klerk

From 9 November 2023 through 11 February 2024, the temporary exhibition Pure Beauty by Nanna Lea Abigaël de Klerk can be seen in the lunchroom of Museum Het Schip.

Lunchroom exhibition Myrte Legerstee: What if?

From 14 September through 30 October 2023, the lunchroom of Museum Het Schip presents the temporary exhibition What if? by Myrte Legerstee.

Michel de Klerk, inspirer of the Amsterdam School

From November 17, 2023 through September 1, 2024, Museum Het Schip presents the exhibition Michel de Klerk, inspirer of the Amsterdam School.

Lunchroom exhibition Man Pan Lau

Lunchroom exhibition Man Pan Lau

From 10 July through 28 August 2023, Museum Het Schip presents the lunchroom exhibition 'The impossible dream of equality' by artist Man Pan Lau.

Lunchroom exhibition Paul Roosenstein

From 30 May through 26 June 2023, the lunchroom of Museum Het Schip is hosting an exhibition with works by Paul Roosenstein.

1923: Horiguchi meets the Amsterdam School

From 15 September through 22 October 2023, Amsterdam School Museum Het Schip will present an exhibition devoted to the Japanese architect Horiguchi.

Lunchroom exhibition Daniella Perera

From 6 May until 26 June, the exhibition 'The Spaarndammerbuurt Trio' by Daniella Perera will be on show in Museum Het Schip's lunchroom.

The eventful history of publisher 'The Telg'

From 15 December 2022 through 31 December 2023, Amsterdamse School Museum De Dageraad presents an exhibition about underground publishing house 'De Telg'.

Exhibition 'Indonesia and the Amsterdam School'

Starting December 1, 2022 through August 27, 2023, Museum Het Schip is presenting an exhibition on the relationship between Indonesia, the former Dutch East Indies, and the Amsterdam School movement. 

A monument to the mayor

Extended: from 16 April 2021 until 30th of September 2022, Museum De Dageraad will be organising an exhibition and activity programme around the 100th anniversary of the death of Amsterdam's mayor Tellegen.

World Garden Cities

Amsterdam School Museum The Ship (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) is organizing an extensive international program on garden cities in the following years.

Limitless Content

From 19 March to 3 October 2021, Museum Het Schip shows, in cooperation with the RCE and the University of Amsterdam, the art project 'Limitless Content'.

Traveling exhibition

In times of lockdown, Museum Het Schip is still sailing forewards. A traveling exhibition has been developed, which can be shown everywhere. Trips to Japan and Germany are already planned, and few of the panels can be admired at the Erfgoedhuis in Almere.In times of lockdown, Museum Het Schip is still sailing forewards. A traveling exhibition has been developed, which can be shown everywhere. Trips to Japan and Germany are already planned, and few of the panels can be admired at the Erfgoedhuis in Almere.

Fré Cohen

Fré Cohen: form and ideals of the Amsterdam School

From 02-11-2021 to 30-10-2022 Museum Het Schip presents an exhibition about the Dutch artist and graphic designer Fré Cohen (1903-1943).

Exhibition Kees Arntzen

Museum Het Schip exhibits a number of lithographs and drawings of buildings of the Amsterdam School by Kees Arntzen.

Phonecel post office, Museum Het Schip

An exceptional postoffice

From 8 September 2020 Museum Het Schip will highlight the treasure of his collection: the formal postoffice by Michel de Klerk.

Campagnebeeld Bruno Taut

Bruno Taut: Beyond Fantasy

From 6 March 2020 to 29 August 2021, Museum Het Schip presents ‘Bruno Taut: Beyond Fantasy’.

The Island

June 23 - September 20 2020

“The Island” is an architectural and urban development project based on imagination.


Photo exhibition 'Stadjerspaleizen'

9 January - 26 February 2020

Exhibition with photographies from the book ‘Stadjerspaleizen’ by Norma van der Horst.

100 jaar Amsterdamse School

Hundred years of Amsterdam School

1 January - 31 December 2016

In 2016 we celebrate a hundred years of Amsterdam School!

Public Works and the Amsterdam School

16 February - 1 September 2018

The Public Works Department was the municipal service that, between 1856 and 1980, determined the appearance of Amsterdam to a great extent.

International Social Housing Festival 2017

13 June - 21 June 2017

A global celebration of the long tradition of decent, affordable housing for all aiming to generate convincing responses to current and future challenges.


Zonnestraal, Ship on the heath

9 May 2019 - 12 January 2020

The former Zonnestraal sanatorium, located on the Hilversum heath, is a unique example of modernist architecture.

De Dageraad, Burgemeester Tellegenstraat, ©Marcel Westhoff

100 years The Dageraad

6 December 2018 - 4 September 2019

In 2018 we celebrate the 100th birthday of the Dageraad! Visit the exhibition and find out more about this extraordinary housing complex.

Girobus Marnette, ©Museum Het Schip

Collection of streetfurniture

An exhibition about Amsterdam School streetfurniture can be seen around the museum and in the museum garden.

Gaudí and the Amsterdam School

2 October 2018 - 31 March 2019

Museum Het Schip houses the beautiful exhibition Gaudí and the Amsterdam School. 

Wandbord de Sphinx, W.J. Roozendaal, Maastrichts keramiek, 1927. Collectie Museum Het Schip

Permanent collection

The permanent collection of the museum initially consists of the buildings in which the museum Het Schip and museum De Dageraad are housed. A rich and diverse range of craft objects complements the idea of the Amsterdam School as an over all design movement. Our digital platform Wendingen provides all the information you need on the buildings, objects and artists of the Amsterdam School. Visit the platform here.

Slum dwelling, post office, museum apartment

The daily tour of the museum visits a nineteenth century slum dwelling, the beautiful postoffice designed by Michel de Klerk and our museum appartement.

Het Schip, Architectenzaal, ©Léontine Geffen-Lamers

Amsterdam School: constructed ideals

Admire our permanent exhibition about the Amsterdam School on the first floor of the museum!