Photo exhibition 'Stadjerspaleizen'

9 January - 26 February 2020

The beautiful photos show the Amsterdamse School in the city of Groningen. You can see this exhibition at the lunchroom of Museum Het Schip in Amsterdam.

A major part of the face of the city of Groningen has been formed by economical, political and cultural develpoments from the beginning of the 20th century. Apart from the historic Schnitzger/Hinsz organ in the Martini-church it was the expressionistic explosion of colour from the art circle "De Ploeg" and the architecture of the Amsterdamse School style that have shaped the city. The Amsterdam School style might be the most visible of them - but is the least reconized.

Norma van der Horst, born in Amsterdam (1967), has been living in Groningen for years and works since 2016 under the name Normafotografia as a freelance photographer for different designers, companies and government institutions.

Take a look inside the book: here


Stadjerspaleizen 3D 


The exhibition "Stadjerspaleizen" in the lunchroom is open for museum visitors and guests without an entrance ticket from Tuesday till Sunday from 11:00 to 17:00.