Traveling exhibition

In times of lockdown, Museum Het Schip is still sailing forewards. A traveling exhibition has been developed, which can be shown everywhere. Trips to Japan and Germany are already planned, and few of the panels can be admired at the Erfgoedhuis in Almere.

Traveling exhibition Japan

Not only at Museum Het Schip is an exhibition The World of Bruno Taut. Also in Japan there is attention to honour Taut. On January 5, an exhibition opened at the Gunma Prefectural Museum of History in Takasaki. This museum is located near the residence where Bruno Taut stayed when he fled the rising Nazism in 1933.

This exhibition was realized in collaboration with Museum het Schip.

The Gunma museum has a beautiful collection of Applied Art objects designed by Taut. Local craftsmen made these ojects. They were sold in a chic design shop in central Tokyo. Some of the collection items can still be seen at Museum Het Schip because they could not be returned due to the lockdown. It concerns, among other things, the special bread basket that is made with the Japanese wickerwork technique.

These collection pieces are now missing from the exhibition in Japan. However, there is attention for Museum Het Schip and the relationship with Taut and the Amsterdam School. Part of the traveling exhibition of Museum Het Schip has been included in the set-up. The film that Museum het Schip made about the famous Japanese architect Kengo Kuma and his relationship with Bruno Taut can now also be seen there. Kuma's work and his ideas are very popular in Japan. Few people know the story of how Taut inspired him as a child.

The Dutch Ambassador in Japan had planned to open the exhibition on behalf of Museum Het Schip, but the covid situation in Japan is also serious at the moment and the Gunma museum had to go into lockdown before opening. However, alternative ways are being found to show the exhibition anyway. It is currently being investigated how a planned lecture by Museum het Schip and a joint seminar can still take place. From the perspective of the collaboration, we see this as a challenge in the context of a vibrant future.

Traveling exhibition

Curator: Alice Roegholt and Project Manager Daiki Nakagawa JNACA
Design traveling exhibition: Rosa Stigter and Daiki Nakagawa
Image research: Ton Heijdra and Carlo Umberto Santi

With thanks to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dutch Culture, Munici.