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Lecture Masaru Saito | An Encounter in 1923: Horiguchi meets the Amsterdam School (EN)

Van 23 september 2023 14:00 tot 23 september 2023 14:45
Geplaatst door Max Schulze
Labels: Horiguchi
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In this lecture, Japanese researcher and curator Masaru Saito provides an introduction to the exhitibiton 1923: Horiguchi meets the Amsterdam School. He explains the significance of Sutemi Horiguchi (1895-1984), sheds light on why this particular exhibition revolves around the Japanese architect, and explains in which ways it does. The lecture also serves as an introduction to the shared heritage of Dutch and Japanese people who dreamed about improving society with arts, a sentiment that was bridged monumentally by a young Horiguchi exactly a hundred years ago.

The goal of this lecture is to illustrate who Horiguchi was and his connection to the Amsterdam School movement. In doing so, Saito also mentions the architect's beautiful quotes about the Amsterdam School and the stories behind them. Through this lecture, Saito aims to make his fascination with this historic artistic exchange tangible, and show us what we can learn from it today.

This lecture will be given in English. It starts at 14:00 hrs and takes around 45 minutes. Admission for the museum is included in this ticket.