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Book cover The Ship

Book: Workers' Palace The Ship

The Ship in Amsterdam marks an international high point in art, architecture and social housing. It was designed by the Dutch architect Michel de Klerk in the expressionist Amsterdam School style of architecture.

Book: The Dageraad

The Dageraad is a world-famous social housing complex located in Berlage’s Plan Zuid. It was designed by the architects Michel de Klerk and Piet Kramer in the style of the Amsterdam School.

Voorkaft Gaudi en de Amsterdamse School, ©Museum Het Schip

Book: Gaudí and the Amsterdam School

Museum Het Schip published a book concerning the parallels between Gaudí and the artists of the Amsterdams School. Contributions from Catalan and Dutch experts give a unique view of Gaudí as an architect and artist. This also gives the Amsterdam School a new framework.
Een kunstwerk van baksteen, ©Museum Het Schip

Book: A Work of Art in Brick

Museum The Ship published a book about the thorough restauration of the building. Available in Dutch and English.