Het Schip, hoek Zaanstraat en Hembrugstraat, ©Leontine Geffen-Lamers

Book: A Work of Art in Brick

Museum The Ship published a book about the thorough restauration of the building. Available in Dutch and English. 

In this richly illustrated work, six specialists write about the history and recent restauration of the worldfamous social housing complex The Ship.

The Ship is thé icon of social housing and the architecture of the Amsterdam School movement. The so-called Workers' Palace was build in 1920-1921 by the socialist housing cooperation Eigen Haard (Own Hearth). Young architect Michel de Klerk designed the building, which consists of 102 apartments, a postoffice and a primary school. Between 2015 and 2018, The Schip was radically renovated. In the book, six specialists that worked on this renovation, write about the history and the meaning of this special building. 

There are many interesting aspects in this restauration. The American Getty Foundation for example, took care of the research that was needed to specific elements that had suffered from previous renovations. Using the knowledge of the present day, the building has been brought back to its original state. 

The book is available in several bookshops, in the museumshop and our webshop. If you want to order from outside The Netherlands please contact us by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Price (excl. shipping costs): €45,00

ISBN English edition: A work of Art in Brick : 9789081439770

ISBN Dutch edition: 9789081439763


Photography: Léontine van Geffen-Lamers