Kengo Kuma & Alice Roegholt

Architect Kengo Kuma visited Museum Het Schip

On 26th, July 2019 the famous Japanse architect Kengo Kuma visited Museum Het Schip. He came to the Netherlands for a lecture and took the time to get a guided tour of the social housing complex "The Ship" and the museum by director Alice Roegholt.

Kengo Kuma and  Alice Roegholt


"It is very impressive and looks quite unique....."  Kengo Kuma about world-famous social housing complex "Het Schip" designed by architect Michel de Klerk.

World-renowned Kengo Kuma regards Bruno Taut as his greatest inspiration. The beautiful utilitarian objects Bruno Taut made from natural materials were, and still are, a great source of inspiration for the then and current generation of top Japanese architects. From 6 March to 18 October 2020, Museum Het Schip presents the exhibition ‘Bruno Taut: Beyond Fantasy’.



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Kengo Kuma HetSchip 600x800

Kengo Kuma Spreekcel 1280