Lecture Masaru Saito | An Encounter in 1923: Horiguchi meets the Amsterdam School (EN)

In this lecture, Japanese researcher and curator Masaru Saito provides an introduction to the exhitibiton 1923: Horiguchi meets the Amsterdam School.

Webinars | Indonesia and the Amsterdam School (free)

In this free webinar series, Museum het Schip cooperates with Heritage hands-on, Pusat Dokumentasi Arsitektur and Yayasan Museum Arsitektur Indonesia to explore relationships between the Amsterdam School and Indonesia by inviting heritage experts, historians, architects, curators and artists.

Extra Film screening Museum Het Schip X Iconic Houses: Pioneers of the Dutch Modern House

How has avant-garde architecture developed in the Netherlands over the past hundred years, and what have the residents of "ordinary houses" gained from the -sometimes wild- experiments of the architects? Owing to the success of the first edition in November, Museum Het Schip has scheduled a second screening on the 26th of January.

The Architects of Plan Zuid

The Architects of Plan Zuid is a 2 hour long extended guided walking tour offered to groups on request.

From Collaboration to Cooperation (Plan Zuid, Berlage)

From Collaboration to Cooperation is a 2.5 hour long extended guided walking tour offered to groups on request.

Museum Het Schip for Ukraine

As many, we are deeply shocked by the current situation in Ukraine. We are worried about the consequences of the large-scale hostility showed by the Russian politics and army. 

Bruno Taut - Schillerpark

Conference | Cooperative Housing - Lessons from the past, solutions for the future

Starting location: Museum Het Schip

How new forms of cooperative housing can tackle urgent housing challenges in Europe and the Netherlands.

Please download here the program of the symposium.



Annosh Urbanke takes photos of everyday scenes. This could be how the light illuminates a shopping arcade, the bite out of an apple, or the pattern of beer mats in a pub.

Scheepvaarthuis, Prins Hendrikkade, ©Marcel Westhoff

Guided tour Shipping House

The Shipping House (or 'Scheepvaarthuis' in Dutch), is known as one of the first examples of Amsterdam School architecture. Museum Het Schip organizes guided tours on request.

Michel de Klerk

In this extended tour, the guide will focus on the extraordinary visual language of Michel de Klerk.

Zaanhof, ©Marcel Westhoff

Treasures of Social Housing

Treasures of Social Housing is an 1,5 hour extended guided tour given for groups on request.

Vooraanzicht Dageraad, Burg. Tellegenstraat, © Marcel Westhoff

Daily tour The Dageraad

Discover this beautiful social housing block designed by Michel de Klerk and Piet Kramer.

Daily tour The Ship

One of our professional guides will tell you everything about the Amsterdam School and the history of social housing.