Boek De Dageraad, ©Museum Het Schip

Book: The Dageraad

The Dageraad is a world-famous social housing complex located in Berlage’s Plan Zuid. It was designed by the architects Michel de Klerk and Piet Kramer in the style of the Amsterdam School.
The initiative to build it was taken by a worker cooperative that managed shops and wanted to provide the workers with good quality housing. Important Dutch politicians were involved in its realization, among them Amsterdam’s Alderman Floor Wibaut, who is still honoured at the complex today. In 2001, the building was hailed as the most beautiful social housing complex in the Netherlands. This book describes the remarkable architecture of The Dageraad and the ideals that inspired it. It is published by Museum Het Schip and the affiliated Visitor Centre De Dageraad.”

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ISBN/EAN The Dageraad: 978-90-814397-9-4