Museum Het Schip

Museum Het Schip is located in the imaginative public housing complex designed by architect Michel de Klerk. This expressionist housing block was built in 1919 for the housing corporation Eigen Haard. Because of its shape, the building is popularly known as The Ship. It belongs to the top of the Amsterdam School, a movement in construction and decoration that spread throughout the Netherlands.

Eigen Haard is still the proud owner of this complex. In 2018, the extraordinary restoration of Het Schip was completed with the support of the Getty Foundation. The museum is located in the former school building that is part of Het Schip. The permanent exhibition Constructed Ideals shows the rise of the housing associations and the Amsterdam School as a style figure in construction and decoration. There are also temporary exhibitions. The guided tour Rondje Schip explains the stylistic features of the building and includes a visit to the hovel, the former post office and the museum flat.

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