Collage Museum De Dageraad

Museum De Dageraad

Museum De Dageraad

Behind the wave-shaped facade of the famous working-class housing complex De Dageraad, you will find information about the art and architecture of the Amsterdam School.

At the beginning of the last century, H.P. Berlage designed the now famous Plan Zuid. He introduced a new way of urban planning, in which there was room for wide streets, atmospheric squares and green parks. The characteristic architecture of the many Amsterdam School artists still adorns the street plan. The expressionistic facades and beautiful ornaments are recognizable throughout the neighborhood.

Residential complex De Dageraad is the Amsterdam School in its purest form. Architects Michel de Klerk and Piet Kramer were commissioned to design all facets of the streetscape. In addition to the street facades, they also designed the rear facades and floor plans. This led to a form of total art in which beauty was central.

In addition to information about Plan Zuid, the museum shows everything about the history of this expressionist residential complex and its architects.

Museum De Dageraad is the starting point for many walks and cycling tours in the neighbourhood.