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Webinar | Indonesia and the Amsterdam School #4: the influence of batik

Van 03 mei 2023 14:00 tot 03 mei 2023 16:00
Bij Online
Geplaatst door Max Schulze
Activiteit: Symposia, Vakantie, Indonesië
Labels: Indonesië
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This webinar is free of charge. After signing up for the webinar you will receive an automatic email containing the link to the Zoom session.

In this free webinar series, Museum het Schip cooperates with Heritage hands-on, Pusat Dokumentasi Arsitektur and Yayasan Museum Arsitektur Indonesia to explore relationships between the Amsterdam School and Indonesia by inviting heritage experts, historians, architects, curators and artists.

This Webinar is about the application of batik in Indonesia as a heritage practice and its application in the late-colonial period by Dutch artists, including those of the Amsterdam School movement. How do the Dutch and Indonesians nowadays look upon the debate on artistic freedom versus the appropriation of a visual language and techniques from another culture?

Please note that the webinar can be accessed from different parts of the world. Different start times apply for these two time zones.

Netherlands (CET): 13.00 - 15.00 hours
Indonesia (WIB): 19.00 - 21.00 hours