Luxemburgbrug, ©Marcel Westhoff

Discover Plan South

"Plan Zuid" (urban planning of the South of Amsterdam by architect Berlage) has become world famous because of its special street plan and versatile housing.

In the Netherlands, the Housing Act was passed in 1901, making better housing a must. During the Industrial Revolution, many agricultural workers moved to the cities to find work in the factories. They were poorly housed and the unhealthy housing situation (slums) caused epidemics such as cholera and tuberculosis. Better housing was important. Expansion plans were made for the neighborhoods around the canal belt. Berlage developed a special street plan that was completed by many architects and artists from the Amsterdam School.

Under the guidance of an expert guide, Museum Het Schip organizes a walk through this neighborhood, pointing out the many elements that make the Amsterdam School a total experience.

Discover the various buildings in this beautiful area: social housing at De Dageraad by Piet Kramer and Michel de Klerk, middle-class houses, schools, a bathhouse, bridges by Piet Kramer and many sculptures by the creative city sculptor Hildo Krop. Take a closer look at the detailed brickwork, planting, beautiful doors and special windows, hidden squares... all placed within the context of the rise of Social Democracy.
The tour is a story on social history as well as on the Amsterdam School movement. There is also attention for the international context.

Guided tour 90 minutes: € 24,75 pp  

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