Falkenberg, Taut, ©Nadia Abdelkaui

Bruno Taut

German artist, architect and urban designer Bruno Taut (1880 - 1938) is considered to be one of the main figures for expressionism. He is known for his utopian fantasies and his enthousiastic use of colour.
Taut was in close contact with Dutch architects and his work was published in Wendingen magazine many times. He travelled to Japan, Russia and Turkey, where he shared his ideas about building and living.

The admiration for Taut is still present and even crosses the German borders. Four of his neighborhoods in Berlin reached the status of world heritage. In the honour of Taut, the Regenboogbuurt was build in Almere (1998). The bright colours find their roots in Tauts working-class neighbourhoods in Berlin and Maagdenburg. Therefore the exhibition will focus on the Regenboogbuurt in particular.

Besides the exhibition, many activities will be organized. A bustour to the Regenboogbuurt, lectures by different architects and several workshops for kids and adults are included in the program. The exhibition is planned for the early spring of 2020.