De Dageraad, P.L.Takstraat, ©Marcel Westhoff

100 years The Dageraad

6 December 2018 - 4 September 2019

In 2018 we celebrate the 100th birthday of the Dageraad! Visit the exhibition and find out more about this extraordinary housing complex.

In the exhibition, the founders of The Dageraad (alderman Floor Wibaut and poet Herman Gorter) are honoured with historical objects, photo's and literature. Extra attention is paid to the architecture of the building and the many artworks that adorn The Dageraad: sculptures of John Raedecker, Jan Heijens and Chris van der Hoef. Besides, the exhibition informs about the historical background of The Dageraad.

For this special occasion, Platform Wendingen organised a Dageraad photocompetition. Photographers were asked to submit their most beautiful picture of the Dageraad. The results are shown as a part of the exhibition. 


Since housing complex 'The Dageraad' was designed a 100 years ago, 2018 is a good year to pay special attention to the social history of the building, and to the architects and artists of the Amsterdam School. The Dageraad took a special place in the Dutch Labourmovement and the SDAP (Sociaal Democratische Arbeiders Partij, in translation Social Democratic Labour Party). The Dageraad started as a consumer cooperative were the working class could buy their provisions, but soon grew into a housing cooperation. In april 1921, the building of social housing complex The Dageraad started as a part of Plan Zuid, a plan for city expansion designed by architect Berlage. Architects Piet Kramer (1881-1961) and Michel de Klerk (1884-1923) - already known for their talents - designed a monumental building full of organic shapes and rich details. The exhibition as well as the corresponding publication reflect on The Dageraad as an internationally important social and architectural mounument.

The exhibition is on view at Visitors Centre The Dageraad.
Entrance to the Visitors Centre is free. During opening hours, a guided tour will depart from the Visitors Centre at 14.00, 15.00 and 16.00 hrs. The tour of 15.00 hrs is always in English! Admission fee: €7,50 (€5,00 for students/CJP card holders).

The book (€19,50) is available in several bookshops, and in the museum shops of Museum Het Schip and The Dageraad and our webshop.
ISBN/EAN De Dageraad:  978-90-814397-8-7 / ISBN/EAN The Dageraad: 978-90-814397-9-4

During the exhibition several events, such as lectures, poetry nights and special tours will be organized.