Het Schip in the press

Het Schip, ©Marcel Westhoff

Beauty and efficiency

Blogger Yuansi Li wrote a beautiful article about the relationship between beauty and efficiency in the architecture of The Ship.

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Torentje Het Schip, ©Marcel Westhoff

Iconic Houses and Het Schip in QL Magazine

In the new edition of QL Magazine, our partner Iconic Houses was mentioned with a few monumental buildings. We are honoured that Het Schip was highlighted as well!

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Het Schip wins The Amsterdam construction award

Het Schip has won the Amsterdam New Construction Award 2019. The famous building of architect Michel de Klerk has been completely renovated and looks like it was built in 1920. On Saturday the 15th of June the price has been given to the residents, the architect Archivolt, the builder Vastbouw and housing corporation Eigen Haard.