In 2016 is celebrated that the Amsterdam School exist 100 years.

Einsteinturm Erich Mendelsohn

The Getty Foundation announced a second series of grants for exemplary 20th century buildings as part of its Keeping It Modern initiative. The latest grants are for fourteen projects in eight countries from Brazil to India. Each project is a model that  reinforces the initiative’s focus on the conservation of modern architecture around the world. Also Museum The Ship received a grant.

The VPRO made a radio- and televison program about Wibaut, with participation of Museum The Ship.

The Hout- en meubileringscollege works together with Museum Het Schip.

Magazines about Museum The Ship

 The South American periodical 'Summa +' has published an article in spanish and portugese about Museum The Ship.

The Ship Museum has another new piece collection: an old-standing red letterbox.


Amsterdam Tourism has made a new cycletour along the buildings of the Amsterdam School.