The renovation of the former primary school Catamaran in the Ship is  completed. The new Museum of the Amsterdam School is open to the public.


The museum asks financial support for big plans in the future..

 The museum had been extended with 1200 square meters in the building The Ship. 

Museum The Ship has been recognized by the Dutch tax authorities as a ANBI, meaning an Entity with General Benefit Objectives.

Donations to an foundation with an ANBI certification are free of succession or donation tax. The donations can also be deductible above a certain limit and can therefore be attractive. If you want to contribute to the museum, you can get more information:

For more information about supporting, you can always contact us:
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Foundation De Golf (Museum Het Schip)

Chambre of Commerce Amsterdam, number 41217024

Telephone +31-(0)20 4182885

( De Golf means The Wave and is the name of the Fundation that runs and devellops Museum Het Schip))