Save Museum Het Schip: sign the petition

Amsterdam School Museum Het Schip, the museum of architecture, art and public housing, is threatened in its existence. This unique museum is located in the recently beautifully restored public housing complex Het Schip from 1919, designed by Michel de Klerk. Friends and admirers of Museum Het Schip started a petition to save the museum. Support us by signing the petition or making a donation. 


Hoek Dageraad, Burgemeester Tellegenstraat, ©Marcel Westhoff

De Dageraad

Behind the wave-shaped facade of the famous working-class housing complex De Dageraad, you will find information about the art and architecture of the Amsterdam School.

Cover Wendingen, Het Schelpennummer, H. Th. Wijdeveld, Roland Holst


Wendingen (‘turns’, ‘twists’) is the digital interactive platform of Museum the Ship. The name derives from the monthly journal Wendingen which from 1918 to 131 functioned as the most important medium for the Amsterdam School architects to voice their ideas.