Museum Het Schip, torentje, ©Marcel Westhoff

We Make The.City: Historical Footprints of Amsterdam as an Urban Asset

The historical relation of Indonesia and the Netherlands in the past, with trade and governance headquarters in Amsterdam, has left important footprints for current development in both countries. During this afternoon, Hasti Tarekat and Obbe Norbruis will speak about the colourful and international past of Amsterdam from the Dutch as well as from the Indonesian perspective.

At first sight, Amsterdam and Indonesia appear to be two completely different worlds. Looking closer though, the city centre of Amsterdam reveals a lot of tropical traces. Many of the famous canalhouses for example were build due to the trading relations with Asia. Boats sailing into the great wide world, all departed from the docks behind the Central Station. The ornaments decorating this station still show the open mind towards the world.
The architects of the Amsterdam School movement all had sympathy for the Asian arts and crafts, as is shown in the facades of the famous Scheepvaarthuis (Shipping House) designed by Joan van der Meij, and the buildings of Michel de Klerk and Piet Kramer. Between all these hotspots, one can find striking buildings in which banking companies made good money from trade. Most of them are now marked as monuments. After visiting the presentation, walking the streets of Amsterdam will be a whole new experience of tracing a rich past full of surprises.

* The whole program will be English-spoken


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Shared Cultural Heritage Policy of the Netherlands
by Jinna Smit, Programme Director Shared Cultural Heritage, the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands (Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed)

15.15-15.45 uur 

Footprints of Amsterdam as International Trade Hubs from Indonesia Perspective
by Hasti Tarekat, Heritage hands-on and co-driver of Task Force Liveable Cities, Indonesia Diaspora Netherlands

15.45-16.15 uur 

Footprints of Amsterdam as Architecture Trendsetters
by Obbe Norbruis, writer of two books ‘Alweer een sieraad voor de stad’ and ‘Architectuur met vlag en wimpel’ about the architecture bureau Cuypers en Hulswit-Fermont in the Dutch Indies

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